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Adobe® Certified Associate (ACA) certification prepares a student with the digital media skills, making them future ready for any opportunity coming their way by building knowledge to succeed in a fast-paced growing & competitive environment.

ACA Provides a Big Advantage

Moving from high school to college is a big step for most students. ACA certification can provide credit for college courses, saving students time and money. With ACA certification on their college applications, students are better prepared for success in a demanding academic environment.

At the same time Whether before, during, or after college, landing that first job can be a big challenge, and there is no question that solid preparation is critical. When seeking employment that requires the ability to use the digital media technology, ACA certification is the certification program to have on your resume.

What does it actually do for students? Why does certification matter ?

Becoming Adobe® certified helps students retain what is learned, and ultimately, reduces the time-to-productivity curve that new hires typically go through. Certified students have edge over other candidates and are more attractive to potential employers and better prepared to hit the ground running on day-one of their new job.

Whatever your student’s goal, having ACA certification on a job resume or college application speaks volumes about their digital media skills and abilities. It will set them apart from the crowd and help them on their way to success.

Exams on the following Adobe applications are available:

Adobe® Dreamweaver® software is the industry standard used for creating and editing compelling HTML rich media websites and mobile apps.

Adobe® Flash® Professional is a powerful authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content.

Adobe® Photoshop® is the industry-standard image editing software, used worldwide by professional photographers, amateur photographers, and designers who want to perfect their digital images by going beyond what is captured by the camera.

Premiere Pro:
With the rapid advancement of video and multi-media technology, Adobe® Premiere® Pro helps produce and edit productions more fluidly than ever before. And users don’t need a box-office budget to back their next great feature film just the skills.

Adobe® Illustrator® software is the industry’s premier vector-drawing environment for creating scalable graphics. Workers are able to bring their unique vision to life with shapes, color, effects, and typography by using a host of powerful functions to make fast work of their most complex designs.

Adobe® InDesign® is a powerful tool that sets the industry’s new standard in print and digital page layout. Offering pixel-perfect control over design and typography, users can create elegant and engaging page layouts for print or digital media.

Exams on the CS4, CS5 and CS6 platforms are available.

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